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Why do seasons change?

Seasons change because the axis of the earth is tilted by 23.5 degrees (from a line perpendicular to its orbit). As the earth moves around its orbit there is a time when it is tilted towards the sun and so receives a higher concentration of the sun's energy (summer) and a time when it is tilted away and receiving less energy (winter).
This also explains why it is summer in N hemisphere when it is winter in S hemisphere.


Let´s practice this song.

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Sight is an important sense.

We see with our eyes.

We read with our eyes.

Hearing is a sense we need.

We use our ears to hear.

We need to listen carefully.

Smelling is an important sense.

We use our nose to smell.

Some things smell good and some things smell bad.

Tasting is an important sense.

We taste with our tongues.

Some things taste good and some things taste bad.

One more sense is touching.

We touch with our fingers.

Some things are soft and some things are rough.

Our senses are very important. They help keep us safe.
Our senses help us learn about ourselves and the world.